Die Boeing koek

Comair en British Airways vier hulle twintig jaar vennootskap. Hulle nuwe vloot van Boeing 737-800 ZS -ZWH land ook binnekort in SA. Toe bak hulle ter viering ‘n replika koek van ‘n Boeing 737-800.

Gedink koekbak is kinderspeletjies? Nie as jy n replika van ‘n Boeing 737-800 aanpak nie….Die koek moet groot genoeg wees sodat vyfduisend mense elk hulle deel van die koek kan kry.

Esté Gross maak ‘n draai by O.R. Tambo lughawe om te kyk hoe ‘n Boeing koek, lewensgetrou aan die ware Jakob van byna n halwe ton vorm aanneem.

Terwyl die laaste versiersuiker opgesit word, vertel Meneer Erik Venter, die uitvoerende hoof van Comair, van die viering van hulle twintig jaar lange vennootskap met British Airways …en van ‘n splinternuwe Boeing wat binnekort in Suid-Afrika land.

Luister hier na die bydra:

Só het die koek gestalte gekry:

Die struktuur moet stewig wees

Die struktuur moet stewig wees

Bakker Paul Vieira maak seker die struktuur is sterk

Bakker Paul Vieira maak seker die struktuur is sterk

Byna 100 koeke is laag op laag gepak

Byna 100 koeke is laag op laag gepak



Die finale boeing reg om op te styg.

Die finale boeing reg om op te styg.

Hier is agtergrond-inligting oor die herdenking, soos uitgereik deur COMAIR

20 years of profitable airline partnership? That takes the cake

It’s taken 1575 eggs, 90kgs of cake flour and 4kg of baking-powder to produce, weighs roughly half a ton and looks uncannily like the fresh-from-the-factory Boeing 737-800 which will land at OR Tambo International Airport in a fortnight.

Today (EDS: Friday, 28th October, 13.00), sees the unveiling, cutting and sharing of four-meter-by-four-meter cake at the airport. It’s an ultra-realistic replica of the state-of-the-art airliner made by Paul Vieira and his team at Cake Extreme to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise partnership between British Airways and Comair. It’s BA’s longest relationship of this sort and is celebrated in the same year that Comair celebrates 70 years of profitable, uninterrupted operation in Southern Africa.

The cake’s designation is ZS-ZWH, the same as the latest acquisition in Comair’s fleet upgrade programme which, says Comair CEO Erik Venter, is a sign of the airline’s confidence in the regional air-travel sector, the airline’s sound business-model and its enduring partnerships.

“That’s why we believe that our partnership with BA is worth celebrating and celebrating in style.”

A large component of the celebration is the cake, complete with rotating turbines in the engines, and wiring for navigation lights, making it the most complex and realistic confection made yet by Cake Extreme.

Vieira says designing the cake has required hours of researching the aircraft to establish its proportions, then measuring and cutting materials. In the same way that the real aircraft is a marvel of design and manufacturing that harnesses physics, so the cake brings some demands. In short, it’s something to bring contestants in the Great British Bake-Off out in a sweat.

In order to stand on its undercarriage, the sponge-cake that makes up the fuselage has an internal framework of metal, wood and polystyrene. “The wings, elevator and rudder are made of these materials, for example, and all must be covered with hygienic foil, food glue and fondant. The aircraft’s livery will be added last.

“I always dreamt of piloting an airliner, but making a cake that looks like one is not only hard work and immensely enjoyable; it’s also a reminder of just how much we rely on technology for many important aspects of our lives, like business.”

Ingredients include:

  • 1575 eggs, weighing 52.5kg
  • 90kg of cake flour
  • 60kg of white sugar
  • 5kg of baking powder
  • 45l of cooking oil
  • 30lt of water
  • 500ml of vanilla essence
  • 30kg of white margarine
  • 20kg of icing sugar
  • 50kg of butter cream
  • 80kg of colour fondant to cover this entire cake


About British Airways (operated by Comair):

British Airways (operated by Comair) is a premium, full service airline operating over 400 flights per week in southern Africa which includes Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Harare, Livingstone, Mauritius, Victoria Falls and Windhoek.

As a franchise partner of British Airways, Executive Club customers travelling within southern Africa on British Airways (operated by Comair), will earn Avios as well as Tier Points.  Avios are earned every time members travel with British Airways or a partner airline as well as when making use of one of the Executive Club partners. Avios can be redeemed for flights as well as for upgrades with British Airways. Members also earn Tier Points through their flight activity which determines their Executive Club status. As members progress through the various tier levels within the Executive Club they are entitled to additional benefits and services.

Besides having an extended route network in southern Africa as well as globally, British Airways’ route network is further enhanced through its oneworld® alliance partnership.

For more information, visit ba.com