Meer oor A. Vogel se produkte

Good health depends on the harmonious interplay of many factors – a balanced lifestyle, psychological wellbeing, vitality, sufficient exercise, a healthy diet and natural remedies. This principle is reflected in the A.Vogel product range.

The Swiss pioneer of natural health, Alfred Vogel, came to the conclusion early on that extracts from freshly harvested plants had a better, ‘wider and deeper’ therapeutic effect than the standard extracts from dried plants. This discovery proved to be an enormously important motivation for his entire life, for his work as a naturopath, for his research into medicinal plants, for his recipes and for the best possible methods of production.

A.Vogel products are manufactured using methods that are as close to nature as possible. At the heart of their activities is a sustainable approach to natural resources. Among the key features of A.Vogel products are the use of certified organic raw material grown in healthy soil, and the use of extracts from freshly harvested plants wherever possible. All plants are cultivated without synthetic fertiliser, insecticides, herbicides or pesticides.

How do they ensure this year’s product is as good as the previous years’? They standardise their herbal products taking into account the totality of the active constituents. This is done by choosing high quality seed types, the most favourable cultivation methods, an ideal harvest time, a strictly controlled production process and the mixing of many individual harvest batches. In this way they can guarantee an ever-constant efficacy of products.

The company continuously invests in research and clinical trials of their products and are at the forefront of research into natural remedies. For example their cold and flu remedy Echinaforce is the most researched Echinacea remedy in the world with nearly 30 years of research behind it.