Meer oor Bio-Strath

Bio-Strath is in 1948 in Switserland deur die biochemikus, Dr. Walter Strathmeyer, ontwikkel. He understood the body’s need for a bio-available nutritional supplement and after much research and development, finally perfected what we know as Bio-Strath.

Bio-Strath is formulated in a very unique way. Over a two month period, fifty different herbal extracts (sourced from 14 different countries) are used to feed the yeast cells which are harvested from fresh fruit and sugar beet molasses. The herbs chosen to feed these yeast cells were specifically selected by Dr. Strathmeyer based on their naturopathically known abilities to serve each organ and body system. After absorbing all these herbs, the yeast undergoes a special process during which the oxygen is removed from the tanks in order for osmosis to take place. When this occurs, the yeast cells break open in order for the nutrients – the rich golden elixir – to be released. The yeast cell contents are released in a natural way to preserve the integrity of the nutrients.

The plasmolysed herbal yeast (Bio-Strath liquid) is then made into:

  1. Liquid syrup, sweetened with 5% orange juice and 5% honey and 10% malt. OR
  2. Tablets, containing no malt or honey, but tableting agents such as apple pectin and corn starch.

With its unique formulation Bio-Strath contains 61 out of the 100 different essential nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect bio-available form. By delivering this Bio-Strath has proven to be effective in 38 clinical and preclinical studies across many areas, from pregnancy to learning problems in children, to performance in athletes.